Recognize benefits

Use hidden potentials with system and software

How can I understand what benefit systems and simulation can bring for the whole process? In order to answer this question it is necessary to take a look to the subprocesses that need to be fulfilled in order to produce a good plastic part.

The subprocesses are:

  • part design
  • mold design
  • mold making
  • injection moulding (production)
  • quality management

Part and mold design is responsible for 70% of the total part costst. This has been proven in many local and international studies. But only 10% of the total costs are created by part and mold design itself.

These figures show the high responsibility that part- and mold designer bear.

It is easy to identify ans solve critical problems with the findings of simulation and the use of knowledge based systems in parallel to the ongoing part- and mold design.
The most important parameters for the injection molding process can be determined and the set up process with these information shortened.

On the shop floor level it is important to use the default settings in order to produce parts with a stable high quality. One major factor to check the part quality is temperature.
The worldwide unique IR-ThermalSystem control the part surface temperature shortly after the mold is opened. The system determine the quality of the temperature and check if upper or lower limits of set quality tolerances are breached.
Setter and quality managers recognize immediately if there is the need to change the process and will do the appropriate modification.

The advantages are:

  • avoiding problems
  • low part costs
  • minimum need of ressources (material, energy)
  • stable process
  • stable high part quality
  • reactive early warning system in production

„Since we use simulation and the IR-ThermalSystem we produce high quality parts at lowest cycle time!“

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