Integrate systems

Industry 4.0 and society 5.0

Industry 4.0 is a preamble for what people tried to accomplish within the process chain for many years. It stands for integration of different systems and a continuously flow of data.
Japan formed the preamble of society 5.0 to enlarge the above concept and take people into account of the whole process chain.

We take care of these two major approaches while integrating our system into existing work flow structures. This is the only way to achieve a maximum value for our customers.

IR-ThermalSystem as our injection molding quality control system create the base of integrating a wide variety of devices under one roof. At a high level of automation all process data where collected and analyzed.

The setter install the infrared camera next to the mold. While setting up the mold this can be done in less than five minutes.
Based on the system information the setter understand the temperature distribution within the mold and is able to optimize the process. Doing it like this cycle time and ressources will be saved.

The analyse of the data show trends within the process and visualize critical areas on the mold immediately. Important quality related information will be passed directly to the injection molding machine.

The process manager and quality manager receive valuable information to implement and maintain a fully automated process.

The components of software and hardware that are needed to supply a integrated system where choosen and developed carefully and tested over many years.
Years of work with modern companies using light house projects and analysing the data lead to the creation of a practical system that can be used by anyone.

Companies from different branches like household appliences, electronic, automotive and medical use our technology as varanty for high efficient and stable processes.

„Thanks to a high level of integration the injection molding process is stable and can be checked online any time“

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