The network of specialists and plastic experts

PLEXPERT is a small multinational company with experts from all fields of the plastic industry. Our products and services are offered to companies worldwide.

Our specialist knowledge is based on countless years of practical experience and regurlarly own research projects done on a regurlar basis. Understandig the process and develop future oriented solutions are in our main focus of all research and developing.

We are proud to share our experience in cooperation with the following partners:

AIDA, SL, Spain

AIDA stand for Advanced Industrial and Design Applications.

This name describes our main target:

  • To deliver the most reliable and advanced engineering solutions for product development to our customers.
  • To join our customers from the early design phase, up to the very last and optimized prototyping and solutions for outstanding and reliable quality in mass production.

AIDA posts itself as your technology partner and local distributor of products and services as well as the expert on education and technical support within the plastic industry.

AIDA is:

  • Customer Oriented
  • Process Managed
  • Technology Driven

As active partner of PLEXPERT we offer the worldwide unique IR-ThermoControl system to our customers. With this we validate the parameters set in the injection molding process and ensure a stable production on a high quality level.

Learn more about AIDA GmbH, Austria

Engineering office for product development for standard and additive manufacturing

The business unit “Bring’s in Form“ of the young GmbH is focused on the compination of additive manufacturing processes (3D printing) with the standard manufacturing technology.

The services offered include:

  • 3D printing (demonstration-/function model, small series, series parts)
  • mold optimization
  • part optimization
  • prototyping molds and devices
  • reverse engineering
  • product development and design
  • prototype and small series production to accompanie series production

As active partner of PLEXPERT we offer the wordlwide first IR_ThermalControl system to support our injection moulding customers. The quality control system help our customers to optimize their process and maintain a stable production.

Learn more about bm engineering

VGT Polska Sp. z o.o. , Poland

VGT Polska offers a complete service for the plastic industry. The motto is an individual approach for each customer. VGT Polska provides the highest quality products as well as technological support in the following areas:

  • pneumatic dosing units, molecular dryers for plastics, blow molding coolers, spray and blow dryers
  • gravimetric and volumetric dosing
  • hot runner controller, form thermostats
  • foaming agent, cleaning granules
  • nucleating agents and other process additives for plastics processing,
  • optimization of plastics processing

In addition to that we are active partner of PLEXPERT and offer the worldwide unique IR-ThermoControl system to ensure high quality within the injection molding process of our customes. With the system a stable process is ensured.

Learn more about vgt

Technological leadership requires a constant investment in research and development. As innovative company this is what we do. Besides we work together with well known research groups and institutes in the field of plastic engineering.
3D-MID research association
In order to support the diverse, interdisciplinary tasks in the introduction of MID technology, the research association Spatial Electronic Assemblies 3D-MID e. V. founded.
Knowledge from the different fields of expertise is brought together here.
The research association 3D-MID e. V. consists of more than 90 industrial companies and research institutes from the fields of materials, injection molding, structuring and further processing including assembly, soldering and testing as well as users of the technology.
PLEXPERT is a longtime member of the Research Association and actively contributes to the distribution of MID technology.

GTT Willi Steinko GmbH
Extensive optimization of molded parts, the mold and injection molding process.

GTT Willi Steinko GmbH has been active as a technology consulting company for injection molding technology since 1996.
In addition, Willi Steinko works as an expert for plastics processing, providing expert reports, expertises and analyzes in the area of injection molding technology on the product, production, tool and process.

Kunststoffzentrum in Leipzig gGmbH
The Kunststoffzentrum in Leipzig gGmbH (KuZ) carries out practice – oriented research and development work for the plastics processing and application industry. This is done as a competent technology partner in all fields of plastic engineering.
Areas of work include plastics processing (injection molding, extrusion, polyurethane processing), mold technology, welding and bonding of plastics as well as testing of resins and plastic products in the accredited test laboratory.

„Within our active network we solve any task. This is done practical oriented and fast”
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