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For decades the injection moulding simulation accompanied moulding- and tool constructor during development of new plastic moulded parts. The illustration of the complex relationships in the injection moulding process and implementation in mathematical formulas is a complex task and requires a large amount of know-how.

A large development department, best involvements in the research communities and an own material testing laboratory makes Moldex3D to a world-wide leading simulation software. Important for the use of simulation is the selection of correct boundary conditions. These decides about the quality of the results achieved.

Every year PLEXPERT-funded projects carried out to investigate a special focus of simulation.
This allows the dependencies and limits of the simulation to be assessed and ensures the best possible results for our customers.
We present results from previous projects at the Moldex3D user meeting.

We show how well the results of the simulation are in line with those of practice and where there are still limits today.
On 13.03.2018 we look forward to a stimulating discussion during our presentation “Simulation in theory and practice”.

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