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IR-ThermalSystem is the unique quality assurance system in injection molding technology. During setup and production, IR-ThermalSystem provides valuable information.
This ensures stable product quality with the lowest cycle time.
How flexible IR-ThermalSystem can be used is shown in different applications at the Fakuma 2017 in Friedrichshafen.

Visit us and our partners at the following booths

  • ARBURG (A3, 3101), 2K-Blende – Live Application
  • University of Darmstadt (A4, 4011), Applewineglasses – Live Application
  • PLEXPERT (A7, 7111), SD-Holder – Live Application
  • Krallmann (A/, 7508), Pencilholder – Demonstration
  • GWK (B1, 1205), IR-blende – Information
  • Single (A3, 3102), Impulse cooling – Live Application

Find out about the advantages IR-ThermalSystem deliveres to your production.
See how IR-ThermalSystem can be used on every machine within 5 minutes.
On the machine the lowest cycle time is determined and the stability of the process is ensured.

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